How to make a phone tripod

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Jul 8, 2023
"No matter what mobile you have, iphone or other smartphone, a phone tripod stand allows you to take amazing stable images & videos with this cell phone.Are you planning to buy this tripod stand for your mobile? Don’t buy it.You can easily make cell phone tripod stand at home by some common items which are available at your home.

In this video we have tried to show you the detail process of making phone tripod by these common items. To make a phone tripod stand, you will need paper sheet, adhesive tape, whiteboard marker, empty soda can, sponge sandal, ball pen, clothes clip, a selfie stick, some button head bolts with nut &some self-tapping screws.

This homemade tripod phone holder is suitable for all types of mobile phone including iphone 7 & iphone 7 plus. You can also adjust height of this tripod as required. This tripod specially helps you a lot to capture video for youtube. This tripod making process is very simple & everyone can reproduce it.

Before making this phone tripod stand, first watch this video completely. Try to understand every steps shown in this video. Then arrange all materials listed above & make tripod accordingly.

If you don’t understand any step shown in this video, just leave a comment on comment box, we will help you to understand that step. Finally if you like this video, share it with your friends &subscribe our channel for more interesting videos."
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